Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Or rather, to this blog. Only 2 years ago, several intern colleagues berated me with their food questions, usually involving nearby cheap places to have a date. We were rising 2Ls. Now we're all sweating it out with the bar less just 2 weeks away.


In other news, Boccato Gelato is driving me crazy in good and bad ways.

GOOD: Dark chocolate sorbet is ridiculously amazing and apparently fat free (put this in the HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE category along with Greek yogurt and devil's food chocolate pudding). And my new favorite gelato flavor is the Minty Chocolate Oreo or something along those lines (maybe Chocolate Oreo Mint? Chocolate Mint Oreo?). SO GOOD.

BAD: J decided (and I agree) that Boccato should have at least 2 people scooping and 1 person ringing up nightly from July 4 (that's conservative--probably should be Memorial Day) until Labor Day. On recent weekday evenings we've endured long lines stretching out the door (not tough, it's a small place). I don't mind a line, except for when it takes FOREVER. At DG we move swiftly; after all, we're not at either place for the ambiance. At Boccato, we do not. Recently, part of the problem is the people who order an affogato (espresso with a scoop of gelato in it) or a coffee. Of course, the real problem is understaffing--not the people.

I admit, I don't have much patience for anything anymore. But if I pay $3+ for a cone of gelato, I'd rather it not melt before my eyes while I stand in the adorably cozy (read: small and hot) establishment.

A melted cone never did one much good (except in that great Princess Diaries scene where Anne Hathaway "cones" Mandy Moore).

But we're not going to stop going; the place it a few blocks away and eating there is synonymous with "Let's take a walk!" So this is just a whine. ::whine::

Boccato Gelato [delicious, if you don't get cranky from a wait and can endure the possibility of meltage]
2719 Wilson Blvd
Metro: Orange Line to Court House or Clarendon


  1. Thank you for your comments !!! We now have three people working every night !!

    Cristian Velasco, Boccato Gelato and Espresso