TEAAAAAAAA!!!!! Ice or hot, it's a passion in my (adopted) family. And what better place to drink tea than Teaism?! What a catch name.

Let's get down to it. At lunch I'm a fan of the bento boxes. Salmon = good, chicken = good (but a little decadent...it's fried), soba noodle = surprisingly better than I expected. On the soba, I was surprised that it was all cold. And then I was even more surprised that I still liked it. B was not a fan of the tuna bento box. In fact, she liked all the elements but the tuna. So maybe stay away from that.

I find their iced teas or tea drinks are either too much water and too little flavor, OR waaaay too sweet. The too-sweet can be cut with the ice water, which is available for public consumption near the food pick-up area. But the flavorless? No hope.

Reflecting right now on my many visits (instead of judging harshly on one visit, which is what I usually do), I think the soba noodle box was my favorite. Shocking.

The offending tuna

Chicken, sweet potato pieces in happy sauce, cucumber with ginger, and delightful brown rice topped with herbs and salt

You also need to have a salty cookie. Salty-oaty-crunchy cookie. Whether you get the chocolate or the raisiny one, you'll like it. Well, you'll like it if you share my flavor preferences.

800 Connecticut Ave NW, and various other locations
Metro: Orange/Blue Lines to Farragut West
Note: The entrance to this one is on H Street between 17th & Connecticut
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  1. I will add my two cents (not that you asked for it :-) ). Mint tea - WEAK. Could hardly tell it was mint. Salty chocolate oat cookie - YUMMY. Was at the Archives location.

  2. Mint tea is SO WEAK. I think what's saves Teaism for me from being no good to a great choice is that it's fast, not too expensive for the amount of food, the great rice, and obvi the COOKIES. And the hot tea rocks, mostly. It's the iced that disappoints, I've found.