News: Founding Farmers Isn't That Good

But is that really news? It is to anyone with a GWU email address! Tom Sietsema gave FF 1 star. Ouch. He had overly-zealous salespeople-like servers, while we barely saw our servers at all. In fact, we were starving. And waiting. Forever. For BRUNCH.

Here's what my few positive comments boil down to for FF: They have good jam, they can serve lox, and when they messed up badly they gave us a discount.

In the end, there is food that, as Tom said, is "not bad." But it's not cheap either, and it certainly does NOT come quickly (or hot, necessarily). The neighborhood is so desperately in need of restaurants that it'll continue to be packed and reserved well in advance. And green is so hot right now (as it should be).

Founding Farmers

1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Metro: Orange and Blue Lines to Foggy Bottom or Farragut West
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  1. Like any restaurant that tried to be something different, it has its peaks and its valleys. Quality of service was definitely one of those valleys. However, they had a few key dishes on the menu that felt good and tasted better (chicken + waffles, chicken pot pie). Plus, their interior design was outstanding, especially for a restaurant!

    Similar to yourself, I'm a DC ex-pat now living in upstate NY (Albany). It pains me to have to search so much harder to find decent restaurants. And, oh god, how I miss Ray's Hell Burgers.