Foggy Bottom Farmers' Market

I usually walk through the Foggy Bottom Farmers' Market if it's happening on my way home, but the past few Wednesdays have been rainy; this particular day was no exception. I haven't really met a farmers' market I didn't like (even though there are vendors I prefer, or weeks where nothing looks good, etc), so this was no different. I felt like the goat cheese people were looking at me like they knew my secret hopes and dreams. [...to eat all their goat cheese.]

On to the goods. A lovely French-accented woman helped me choose my chicken w/red & green peppers empanada. I got it for J to have for lunch the next day, but then ate it myself. Oops. It was delish. The $6 price tag was hefty (right?), but I could smell it, so I had to have it. The pastries looked divine, but I really couldn't. After all, I've had a major self control problem around these cookies from the freezer. SO GOOD.

I also got a loaf of San Francisco Sourdough, and it was pretty good, but the outside was so crusty that--I kid you not--J cut himself while trying to rip off a piece. So there's a warning for ya. Use a knife, or prepare to bleed for your chewy, crusty sourdough.

The flowers are pretty, too.

Foggy Bottom Farmers' Market
Wednesdays, late afternoonish.
24th/I/New Hampshire NW
Metro: Blue and Orange Lines to Foggy Bottom


  1. Looks delish (and like a fun way to spend a few hours)!!

    Speaking of delish whens the Atlantico review coming? I am dying to relive our SMALL PLATES SMALL PLATES SMALL PLATES

  2. Soon! I am looking forward to it. SMALL PLATES SMALL PLATES.