Tom Takes On Noise---How Timely!

In this weekend's Washington Post, Tom Sietsema announced that he would be adding a decibelometer to his reviews. Interested diners will have an idea in advance of whether their destination will allow "Easy conversation" or if they "Must speak with a raised voice," just two of the four categories in the new ratings system.

Apparently, the number one complaint Tom fields regards noisy restaurants. Although I usually reserve the posting of news articles for my buddy, this is just TOO timely after my recent experience at Rustico.

Check out the top 10 list, which barely excludes Central, where a poor lovesick fella attempted to propose marriage to his girlfriend by shouting over the noise. You'll recall that I, too, said Central was loud. And also, Zaytinya, one of the top 10. That means that Mr. Sietsema and I have something (albeit one thing) in common. ; )

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  1. I am so glad that Tom Sietsema has decided to rate the noise level in restaurants. That is definitely a problem (and it seems to be worse in the D.C. region, no?) I miss the WaPoMag, but the parental units save it for me at home. This means, when I go home, I usually have lots of Date Labs to read through. Sigh.