April Showers...

...bring new colors and fonts. Thoughts?

I decided it was time for spring cleaning, or in our case, spring spruce-up-our-color-scheme-ing. Taking the time to go through Blogger options alerted me that I've been in PST this whole time--yeah, believe it or not, I haven't been posting many restaurant reviews at 5am or anything.

In other news, B informed me that a link to this very blog can be found on dcfoodies.com. This phenomenon may have something to do with my failed effort to become a guest writer specializing in "cheap eats." I believe my email to Mr.DCfoodies went something like this:

"I'm a law student/big fan and I always read your blog and go to your favorite restaurants and order your favorite dishes and OMG I love 2Amys thanks for telling me about it and also your wife's blog makes me laugh out loud during class hey do you think I could write on your blog about cheap eats k thanks"

I wonder why he said no. My most recent birthday gift should help my situation.

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