Trader Joe's

I like to pretend ooh look at me, I'm iEatDC, I go out to eat all the time, but truthfully, I only go out once or so per week. Maybe twice, usually once for dinner and once for lunch or brunch on the weekend. And often I go to "the usual," which is why I don't post as often as (I like to believe) you'd like.

Most of my food comes from Trader Joe's, so I'm going to take this opportunity to share with you the delights that I've received from this fabulous specialty grocery chain. And I will note that TJ carries MANY Kosher options, including Glatt Kosher chicken breasts (can't even find those in a big "regular" supermarket usually). AND, they sell reusable bags for a dollar, and no matter how much we buy the amazing friendly staff always can pack it into two bags.

And to dispel any misplaced fears, NO, Trader Joe's is NOT expensive! In fact, for all the prepared foods and frozen stuff we get, it's downright cheap.

Pretzel slims - like crackers, but pretzels. Low cal and good for picking up dip or chicken salad
Everything Crackers - Best. Crackers. Ever.
Frozen spinach dip - the square box, it's RIDICULOUSLY good and quick
WINE - there are some wines here that I LOVE and only find at TJ, including a great $3.99 Vinho Verde.
Cherry tomatoes - I think they are $2.29 for a container twice as large as the usual grocery store, and J thinks they are delish.

Meals (or Meal Components)
Puffins breakfast cereal - peanut butter is da bomb
Frozen marinated fish (most recently Mahi Mahi) - takes less than 10 minutes to broil in the oven for dinner, and it's yumtastic
Pizza dough - $1.99 for dough (regular, whole wheat, or garlic and herb) and we put whatever we want on it
Prepared grilled chicken - Whether it's rosemary, plain, or lemon pepper, this chicken is great to add to salads, but on pizza, or to heat up on its own.
Wraps - My personal favorite is the turkey "club" with turkey bacon, spinach, and sun-dried tomato spread. If I'm feeling crazy I heat up this wrap, then take out the filling and put it on top of a salad, tossing the actual wrap in the trash. Lower carb and very crunch!

I'm starting to feel like my mother--I need to go to four different stores to get everything I want and need (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Regular Supermarket--prob Harris Teeter, and a bulk store). But it's worth it.

Trader Joe's
25th and L
Metro: Orange or Blue Line to Foggy Bottom


Drive to 5847 Leesburg Pike, Bailey's Crossroads

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  1. I *love* your blog! You're hilarious & give excellent food-insight!

    however, you forgot to mention the fabulous, but frozen, harcot verde (sp?) at TJ's. Huge bage for 2.29 & still tender crisp when cooked!