Adega is charming. Where else can you leisurely sip a glass of wine while clicking away on your laptop (free wireless!)? The answer is: No where.

Located in Metro-accessible downtown Silver Spring, Adega is perfect for both a study session AND a yummy meal. Recently, 5 of us found a table (lucky on a Saturday night) and shared a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir (no corking fee, because this place IS a wine shop as well), and our food arrived approximately 6 minutes after we ordered it. It seemed like less because we were served the wine in between, but STILL it was so fast.

The Adega mixed green salad puts my usual cheap-fast-lunch-salad at Cosi to shame. With caramelized pears, roasted pecans, and bleu cheese, this "mixed green salad" is anything but the way it sounds. Doesn't that name connote some leaves and dressing on a plate? Nuts+ fruit + cheese = great.

Have I mentioned that we started with a HUGE plate ($2.49) of eggplant fries that were DELICIOUS. Five people shared this appetizer.

Sandwiches like The Prosciutto (substituted foccacia for baguette), Southwestern Turkey Chipotle, and a smoked salmon wrap were enjoyed by my companions. NOTE THE SPECIALS--I was saddened to see that they were out of the soup of the day by the time we arrived, I have a feeling their soups are full of homemade non-mass-produced deliciousness.

Even with a bottle of wine, this was an extremely inexpensive yet enjoyable meal for the 5 of us. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, helping out with wine selection and letting you make any substitution you choose without giving you that "OH you want THIS but not THAT" face. Because they don't hate their lives. Because this place rocks.

8519 Fenton Street
Metro: Red Line to Silver Spring
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