I feel like I owe you this: The last few times I've been to Tallula for brunch I was pretty disappointed. Changed menus with less stuff I want, no (or extremely slow) refills on my coffee (despite the fact that the place is never really packed--here's why!), and mucked up orders. I've realized that when there's more than 2 people in a party, at least one person's dish will come out incorrect. I know substitutions can be annoying, but if you offer a "build your own omelet" option, and I order it with my two specified fillings, and then it arrives with "the works," what's the excuse?

I enjoyed Tallula better when I go with just one other person (keep it simple for them) and I sit outside with the summer menu and my Illy iced coffee. All of my indoor experiences have disappointed.

I'll keep all the faithful readers updated on any future improvement!

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