What We've Been Drinkin'

This is what we've been drinking at home lately:

Blue Point Pumpkin
Ithaca Pumpkin
Abita Turbodog
Sixpoint Apollo
River Horse Special
Southern Tier Harvest
Not pictured but in my fridge are also Shipyard Pumpkin, Sixpoint Sweet Action*, and Unibroue Blanche de Chambly.

Why do we have so many different beers in our fridge?  Well, we took home leftovers from a family party.  Also, we like beer.  In particular, it's nice when you are home alone and don't feel like making a real dinner, so instead you make half a real dinner and have a beer.  Or have a bowl of cereal and a beer for a filling dessert. 

I love trying new ones, and getting flights at Dinosaur, CBH, and Gastropub then following up with a visit to the beer store.   Also, I want to have every pumpkin beer so I can figure out which one reigns supreme for me.  I definitely liked Shipyard and Ithaca more than the Blue Point.  Not that the BP was bad, but it wasn't very pumpkin-y. 

I should take notes about beers on my iPhone (in the Notes app) because sometimes I forget what I've tried, what I preferred, etc.  Even when it's a sip of my friend's drink (yes, they share). 

What are you all drinking this fall? 

*I haven't tasted this one yet.  The four pack of tall cans is full!  For now...



I like going places when they are new.  We pulled this move with Capital City Gastropub most recently.  Sciortino's opened in the Miss Albany Diner space this past Wednesday. 

Off the bat, I'll mention that I'm a fan of most things Baumgartner.  Yes, he's easy on the eyes, but the food at his restaurants is actually good.  Some of my favorite meals in Albany involve the fish and chips at Olde English (and the beer), the fish tacos at Bombers (made better by being post-Boilermaker 15k), and although I'm not a huge fan of the food at Wolff's, I love love love the space it's in (and the beer).  I like when his blog has pictures of dogs, which is most of the time.

Anyway, tonight was the perfect night to head to Sciortino's.  Because I'm approximately 75 years old (see, hobbies: knitting, baking, being obsessed with my pet), we went for the early bird.

You can read all about it here. And here, here, here.

We had a Peroni and a Brooklyn Brown Ale, then ordered entirely too much food.  It was on purpose, but it was still alarming.  One thing to note is that when on display, the square pieces of pizza are on an angle, and it makes them look shorter than they are.  Don't be fooled.  One slice is enough. 

BBQ Chicken pizza (one slice, cut up)

Sausage, peppers, and mushrooms (it's UNDERNEATH

White pizza with vegetables.

Chicken riggies

At one point this was a brownie sundae.  Totally unnecessary.  Really gooey and delicious.  
I really liked the pizza and I'd have all of them again.  The BBQ chicken might be my favorite. Service was really friendly, and Matt was hanging out at and behind the counter. It wasn't crowded, but if it had been, we'd just have a drink at Wolff's while waiting.  I had never tried chicken riggies but heard good things, and while it was good, it's not for me.  I'm a spice wimp and it was a little hot (which I expected).  I also thought it might be more baked like a ziti, but it wasn't.  Cash only, as per yuzh.

Sciortino's (pronounced like shore-tinos)
893 Broadway
Albany, NY