What We've Been Drinkin'

This is what we've been drinking at home lately:

Blue Point Pumpkin
Ithaca Pumpkin
Abita Turbodog
Sixpoint Apollo
River Horse Special
Southern Tier Harvest
Not pictured but in my fridge are also Shipyard Pumpkin, Sixpoint Sweet Action*, and Unibroue Blanche de Chambly.

Why do we have so many different beers in our fridge?  Well, we took home leftovers from a family party.  Also, we like beer.  In particular, it's nice when you are home alone and don't feel like making a real dinner, so instead you make half a real dinner and have a beer.  Or have a bowl of cereal and a beer for a filling dessert. 

I love trying new ones, and getting flights at Dinosaur, CBH, and Gastropub then following up with a visit to the beer store.   Also, I want to have every pumpkin beer so I can figure out which one reigns supreme for me.  I definitely liked Shipyard and Ithaca more than the Blue Point.  Not that the BP was bad, but it wasn't very pumpkin-y. 

I should take notes about beers on my iPhone (in the Notes app) because sometimes I forget what I've tried, what I preferred, etc.  Even when it's a sip of my friend's drink (yes, they share). 

What are you all drinking this fall? 

*I haven't tasted this one yet.  The four pack of tall cans is full!  For now...


  1. Just tried the Country Pumpkin last night alongside some frozen samosas we heated up. That was a pretty nice combo.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Sweet Action--I've never really liked other cream ales much--so hopefully it's the same for you guys.

  2. I've been pretty turned off by pumpkin beer this year. I think I'm over it. I had a pretty tough time finishing the Country Pumpkin.

  3. I bought a dozen pumpkin beers from Oliver's and have been mostly disappointed this year. I love pumpkin beer too. Excited to go to Brown's this weekend to finally try theirs.

    There are a few non-pumpkin seasonals that have made me a little happier. Widmer's Okto Festival is terrific as is Ommegang Scythe and Sickle. I still haven't tried the 2012 Pumpking and still have a few other pumpkins to try. Pumpking was my favorite last year and I've heard that their 2012 isn't as good. I'll have to be the judge of that though. I really love Southern Tier and need to pick up their Harvest to try too.