Whether You Live Here Or Not

Whether you live here or not, you know that Subway isn't the best sandwich we have to offer.  You know this especially well if you've had Andy's Subs while visiting me (that's at least 4 of you).  Subway smells icky, and Andy's Subs smell like fresh happy yummy omg they put that all together on a sandwich?  I cut those suckers into four pieces, and 3 people can happily share 2 sandwiches, with a little left over.

Whether you live here or not, you know deep down in the pit of your stomach (and if you are like me then it is a deep, deep pit waiting for delicious duck confit hash and eggs) that our best burger is not from Five Guys.  We may not have a Ray's Hell-Burger (or anything close) but we certainly can do better than FG, and we have.

So go here and check out Daniel's list of picks on his FUSSYlittleBLOG, because, as you might have read, he's on a mission to make things change.  Because he, like you, knows that Cold Stone Creamery is certainly not our best ice cream store.  #1 it's not "ours" at all, and #2 it's not the best.  And I have a lot of experience in this area so I can say it definitively.

Keep in mind that Daniel may be Fussy, but he's not bossy.  We built this ballot together over time and comments.  (Sing it.)  I'm not all that helpful having lived in the Capital Region for all of 16 months, and part of that was in a hotel in Latham.  And sometimes I disagree with the Ballot; but the idea is to agree that we're going to agree (not disagree) for a higher case: to change the results. 

For anyone who's confused, it's like the movie Stick It: we're picking the winners, on OUR terms. And it'll only work if we all buy in.  So get Fussy and get votin'. 


  1. You are the best! Thanks so much for helping to spread the word. Love your energy for this quixotic project.

  2. I drove by that place the other day ... it looked kinda sketchy, like the kind of place where they might sell drugs out of the ice cream cooler. Worth the venture in anyway, though?

  3. Love, love, love the subs at Andy's! I first had one years ago when I lived in the DelSo neighborhood. The smell of cheese in the air as you wait is just gilding the lilly.