All Good Bakers - New Location

In case you missed the news, All Good Bakers moved from Quail Street (also known as, why would I ever be over there in the first place/inconvenient for my life) to 540 Delaware Ave, right next to the Yoga Loft (much closer to my life). 

So you can do some yoga and then eat some feel-good vegetarian farm-fresh happy food.  Or, like me, you can skip the yoga and go straight to the food.  Seriously, I am the WORST at yoga.   I'm more likely to have brunch there and stop at Jim's Tastee Freeze on the way home.

There are a few more seats in this location than the last, but that same charming feeling that--and I mean this in a good way--you might be in an episode of Portlandia. 

The place was jamming when I dropped by only 90 minutes before closing time on Saturday.  I got the last sourdough loaf (YUM) and a Philmore (pastry dough stuffed with apple happiness).  Then I ran my errands at Target, BJ's, and Marshall's, and when I got back into my car it smelled like my Ford Fusion used to be a bread factory--maybe even that morning.  Amazing smells.  Eventually I'll sit down again for a grilled cheese, seitan sandwich, seasonal soup, or scone. 

Because the Northway Mall needs like 8 more stop signs than it has, I got hungry before I even got to the light that let's you leave.  Thank goodness for that Philmore and the end of the loaf.  Sorry J - I had bought the Philmore for you. But you still have chocolate chip mandel bread, Samoas, leftover chocolate chocolate chip cookies that my coworker made for me...you'll live.

Go visit, and try to knock The Profussor from Dukedom.  A little competition would be great for the shop.

All Good Bakers
540 Delaware Ave
Albany, NY
Wed-Fri 8am - 3pm
Sat/Sun 9am - 3pm with brunch


  1. So glad you made it in!! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. I can't wait to go to their new shop!!!