Pistachio Pizza - I want it!

Yesterday we saw some of the PIZZA episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on Food Network, and some stuff looked amaaaazing. In particular, the Rosa Pizza at Pizzeria Bianco was making my mouth water--a super-thin, lightly charred crust topped with red onion, parm-reg, and pistachios. [If you're like me, then just now you went OMG PISTACHIOS?!?!?!? And then you quickly did a Kayak search for rates to Phoenix.]

Read other bloggers' descriptions of it here and here, and even WaPo giving you the recipe here.

The other pizza that looked ridiculously amazing was the breakfast pizza at Little Dom's in LA. Luckily we have family and friends out there, so I WILL be having Little Dom's, unless heaven forbid it closes in the next 3 years (I figure that's a good window where we're sure to get back there). I'm so into breakfast, so it's no surprise I want eggs on everything, including pizza.

Anyway, where are my manners--here is a link to the episode so you can see when it's on next and then set your DVR.

To be entertaining, here are pictures of some pizzas I've eaten in the past year...


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  2. Saw that episode... wanted the one Marc Sommers loved.. don't remember what it was called but t looked DELISH!