Ray's Hell-Burger Moving a Few Doors Over

Ray’s Hell-Burger is moving to the old Ray’s the Steaks spot—same shopping center, but a few doors down. The space is a bit bigger, but I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to watch your meat get sliced/ground/thrown on the grill, but Landrum says counter service will remain.

Does this mean that it will now have a sign?!

Quicker food makes us happy. I haven’t been since Obama’s visit. Not for fear of crowds, but just because I haven’t had one of those iron-deprived weeks leading me to desire an enormous delicious burger. I’m OK with Ray’s the Catch not opening this summer, Landrum’s had a lot of action recently with Ray’s moving, yada yada.

1713 will be the Hell Express. Mmmm fast burgers, my faaaavorite. If only there were a nearby picnic area...

Ray’s Hell-Burger
Soon to be 1725 Wilson
Same Strip Mall, Different Spot


  1. I've driven past two weekends in a row to see lines down the block. Doesn't bode well for my fiancee taking her dad there on Fathers' Day. I want my under-the-radar Hell Burger!

  2. It used to be the perfect place for the random late weeknight dinner (even a Friday was ok). Maybe the move will help a little, but the old Ray's space wasn't so big to begin with. And that's why it moved to the Navy Bldg. The Marriott Residence Inn at Clarendon and Adams is just about done and it has 5000 ft or so of retail space available. DO YOU HEAR ME MICHAEL LANDRUM?!