Downtown Lunch Spot Breadline Closed for Health Code Violations

Eeek. Breadline is closed for now because of health code violations. I don't go there that often, but it can be an easy place to get a nice (albeit expensive) salad or sandwich with a friend when you are in that food-deprived area. When you're like, "No, I cannot possibly have Cosi again." You know those times!

Let's be honest, we've seen vermin elsewhere, haven't we? And did that place ever close down?

This is sort of making me re-think the time I got sick right before a big test after eating at Breadline last summer. I thought it was the nerves for the test, but maybe this violation has been going on longer than anyone thought.

Thanks to M for the tip!

1751 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Metro: Blue and Orange Lines to Farragut West

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