Seester and I recently visited the newly-opened Murray Hill location of Terroir, the "Elitist Wine Bar For Everyone."  It was delightful, despite the Murray-Hill-esque group of girls literally screaming and yelling, which was audible despite the restaurant's attempts to drown it out with super loud music.  It's OK, we just screamed at each other.

Our food was delicious, but our server may have been the best part--he was friendly, knowledgeable, easy on the eyes, and helped us choose our small plates for a delightful dinner.  Plus, he joined us in shooting glares at the loud girls and looking forward to their departure.

It was VERY dark in there.  As you can tell from these super dark pictures that I attempted to brighten.

Crispy duck confit salad with frisee, gorgonzola, shallots. 

 This was called "sage leaves with lamb sausage," but it should have been called crunchy-edged herby/crusty delicious lambyness. 

Eggplant, pepper, basil, mozzarella panini.  This bread was as good as it looks. There was a duck prosciutto sandwich (and I do have a soft spot for alternatives like that, ahem, lambcetta), but we wanted to incorporate some vegetables in our meal.  With so many other plates we wanted to get, we'll just have to go back. No big deal!

Mmm squash frittata.  Can you say brunch?!!  Egg happiness at dinner works just as well.

Sees and I had a great time at Terroir, but the decibels were a little out of control and it was dark as night.  Every dish we had was tasty and exceeded our expectations.  Our server had his act together and recommended a delightful Finger Lakes Riesling for Sees and a Brooklyn Brewery offering I hadn't had before. 

Their employment information is funny. Hehe.

439 3rd Avenue (btwn 30 & 31st)

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  1. The place is so good. Ive been to the one next to Hearth -- my friend used to cook there and we got to meet marco, the chef. Food is great.