CSA, Week 1

The time has come for spring CSA.  We had a one-week delay because of the crazy rain and the hail storm(s?), but now we're on track.  On the suggestion of many trustworthy sources and consultation with our share-splitter (coworker LA) we chose Roxbury Farms.  Back in the day we had a half share, but no such thing in the Cap Reg.  I had a feeling we'd quickly fall behind on our own, so thank goodness for LA.  The plan is that we'll pick up every other week, and she the same.  If we have an insane amount of something that we think will just go bad, we'll share even when it's "our week," because we're nice like that.

Week 1:

- Lettuce lettuce lettuce!  Salad mix and a beautiful head of red lettuce.
- Spinach
- Broccoli
- Zucchini
- Summer squash
- Garlic scapes
- Kale
- Herbs!  We grabbed basil and parsley, and we have more growing on the porch :)

I'm thinking kale chips, although at first attempt I found them tasty but too thin.  They were like paper that crumbled in my hand or just disintegrated on my tongue.  Another option is a kale and chickpea or white bean soup; I've seen a lot of similar recipes floating around, and it won't be too heavy for our current weather.

Last night I sauteed up some scapes, squash, zucchini (aren't they also squash?), and spinach and threw them into a giant pasta salad with torn basil.  It's basically my favorite non-winter food. Can't wait until tomatoes are really happening.  Add some grilled tofu or sliced up Tofurkey sausage and you have a protein, vegetable, grain, and lunch is READY.  You can even make mini turkey meatballs and throw them in (we did). Eat it cold (we do), or eat it hot (also we do that). Put it on your salad.  Make it with brown rice pasta for a gluten free version.

The bok choy may turn into a variation on my aunt's family's awesome salad, or maybe a big stir fry.

Supplementing our veggies were the spoils from our strawberry picking at Indian Ladder. For the first time in my picking history, we were asked to pay before we picked.  OK!  Whatever!

We even liked the deformed ones.


  1. I love seeing what other people are doing with their Roxbury shares. That pasta salad (or a reasonable approximation) is a staple summer meal for us, too.

  2. Awesome - great minds DO think alike! I'll be checking back to hear more about your CSA ventures...so many greens!