Remember that time...

That I was really sad because I had to take the bar exam, and it kept me from blogging?

Well.  I PASSED.

Now for the real reason I wanted to tell you that: I celebrated with a DEEEEELICIOUS pumpkin custard and gingerbread crust PIE from The Dairy Godmother.  Thank you J, E, & C for being fabulous celebratory company!

I follow DG on Twitter, and there is no better way to give yourself a hankering for dessert than to get the early AM tweet with the flavor of the day.  Check out my pie.  I just ate the last slice for dinner this past Saturday.  You heard me right.  Dinner.


  1. I'm sad that I was replaced by an "L"

  2. The alphabet is hard for me, ok?

  3. That looks SO delicious. I think I know what I want for dessert on our trip to DC!

  4. These posted food photos on your blog looks so delicious, especially this one.

  5. I’m a pastry desert person. I love it, eating sweet food comforts me.