Trader Joe's Trip - What's Missing On My List?

Mmm lemon papardelle.  Add olive oil, peas, parmesan, and you are good to go.  But first you need a Trader Joe's, aka The Teej.  A wondrous place that has many of the things I want and need, but not all. 

Now that I've relocated, Teej isn't nearby.  No 1 mile to the Bethesda store or 7 miles to Bailey's Crossroads.  Instead it's an hour plus ride, depending where you go.  Because I'm from New Jersey, I think I'll frequent the one on Route 17 in Paramus.  Unlike the Paramus IKEA, which is closed on Sundays, the Trader Joe's is not subject to the archaic North Jersey blue laws

I'm definitely not the only Albanian who wants a Teej.  Bringing a TJ to the Capital District has been talked about, talked about again, and there's even a Facebook page with over 800 members.  A lot of places need a Teej, including the shore--how will LC get her favorite things without a major schlep?

Not every TJ has the same products; heck, even the same store doesn't necessarily have the same items week to week.  There are no rules!  It's rogue!  And that's why the prices are so low.

We're going this weekend, and I've made my list.*  What's missing?  Any of your favorites?  Or are our wishlists IDENTICAL!?!

Lemon papardelle
Thai yellow curry sauce
Israeli couscous (if they are there I will buy them out.)
Superthin ginger snaps
Everything crackers
Nuts for trail mix
Brown rice pasta
Challah rolls (extra for freezer--again, buy them out)
Chocolate covered espresso beans
Jasmine green tea
Birthday cards


Frozen shelled edamame
Spinach dip
Soy chocolate ice cream sandwiches
Frozen rice packets
Frozen blueberry waffles (SIL has been raving)
Fresh mild salsa
Kosher chicken/meat for freezer

*I should mention that we're not going to NJ just to go to Trader Joe's. We're going to witness two people whom we love dearly exchange sacred marriage vows and then to boogie the night away.  This is just icing on the (wedding) cake.


  1. aside from my listed favs, you have to get quinoa duo with vegetable melange. frozen section. stock up.

  2. Your tastes and mine aren't always matchy matchy but I always get tons of refrigerated pizza dough for $0.99 (either white or herb) and freeze what I don't use right away, garlic chicken sausage (the only chicken sausage I can find that doesn't use pork casing, but read the packaging because some do), reduced sodium creamy tomato soup for my ultimate comfort food, TJ's Greek yogurt, and dark chocolate mint UFOs for the hubby. Hope you have a cooler!!

  3. Note: Emily sent me an email suggesting frozen potstickers, frozen gnocchi in tomato sauce, sparkling lemonade, frozen cornmeal patties with cheese and beans (?), pineapple salsa, gyoza sauce.